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Sunday Soul Sante is India’s largest flea market celebrating contemporary arts and crafts. Established in 2010 and based in Bangalore, it showcases a diverse array of handmade products from talented artists and designers. The market offers visitors an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, jewellery, and home decor. Beyond shopping, it features live music, food, and performances, making it a popular destination for families and friends.

They planned to expand their vibrant flea market to Mumbai for the first time. We were tasked with executing a digital marketing campaign aimed at creating awareness, generating leads for ticket and stall bookings, and developing a dedicated landing page for the event.

Our initial step was to understand the unique elements of Sunday Soul Sante and its appeal to audiences. We then crafted a targeted strategy that leveraged both Facebook Ads and Google Display Network (GDN) to maximize reach and engagement.







Create awareness around Sunday Soul Sante in Mumbai, and generate leads for ticket and stall bookings.


As they had plenty of content from previous events in Bangalore, we  were able to utilise this for engaging reels highlighting the vibrant atmosphere and unique offerings of the market.


The ads were targeted to potential visitors and vendors in Mumbai, leveraging demographic and interest-based targeting to reach art and craft enthusiasts, families, foodies, and small business owners.







Ads were strategically placed across the Google Ads Network to reach in-market audiences in search of fun, food, live music, and all other experiences at Sunday Soul Sante.


Both static creatives and video content were curated by the SSS team to showcase the event details, emphasizing the unique experience one can expect at Sunday Soul Sante.


Promote event tickets and stall bookings through visually appealing static creatives and videos via Google Display Network & Youtube


Our objective was to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience for ticket and stall bookings for Sunday Soul Sante's first market in Mumbai.

Vibrant Visual Appeal

The landing page  is vibrant, engaging, and designed to capture the spirit of the event. It combines visual appeal with user-friendly navigation, ensuring that visitors can easily find information and complete bookings. The use of bright colors and lively graphics immediately attracts attention and Iconic images of Mumbai landmarks and previous events create a strong visual connection and excitement around what is to come.

Clear and Structured Content

We organized the page into clear sections, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find information. Sections such as "We Are Home To" and "What to Expect" provide a visual overview of the event's attractions, from unique stalls and world cuisines to live music and pet-friendly activities. The logical flow ensures that users can quickly grasp what the event offers.

Strong Calls-to-Action

Strategically placed "Book Tickets" and "Book Stall" buttons throughout the page guides the user toward conversion points. These buttons are designed to be highly visible, ensuring that visitors can take action at any point without needing to scroll excessively.

Social Proof and Engagement

We integrated their live Instagram feed on the page, as this adds a dynamic element, offering real-time updates and social proof. Encouraging visitors to follow the event on Instagram helps build a sense of community and ongoing engagement, further enhancing the event's reach.

Responsive and User-Friendly Design

The landing page was built keeping total responsiveness in mind, providing an optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones. This ensures that all users, regardless of how they access the site, have a smooth experience. Clear navigation and a well-thought-out visual hierarchy guide users naturally through the content and towards the main call to actions.

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